While we normally show significant cars from the 60s and 1970s on Muscle Car Of The Week, there are some outstanding examples of late model performance machines in The Brothers Collection as well.  Some call them Modern Muscle Cars, but we’re not trying to get caught up in the semantics. We're just here to share some awesome high-performance machines. This 2011 Nickey Performance Stage III S 427 Camaro bridges the gap between today's Technology and one of the names that started it all, Nickey Chevrolet, and is an over-the-top example of what modern engineering can do.    This one makes 4-digit power but doesn’t require a racetrack to use it.  


There are many different interesting aspects behind the 1970 Yenko Deuce Nova,  and we've explored some of these on previous episodes of Muscle Car Of The Week. If memory serves, we featured and orange one and a blue one from The Brothers Collection on our show, but today, we're taking a look a bright sunflower yellow example of this - as then described - “mini muscle car”. 

This week, we take a look back at the top 10 quickest Muscle Cars as reported by various car magazines from 1970! These aren't OUR recorded numbers, but those published by the media back in 1970. We're pairing those times up with an example of a similar car in The Brothers Collection.
The early 1960s saw American automakers building some very special and very limited editions of production models that appeared to be stock, but were hiding some tricks to make them race-ready.   This 1962 Chevrolet Impala Z11 is just such a car.  A factory-built lightweight racer, this car features a high-performance 409 engine and aluminum body panels to reduce weight.    The restoration was debuted by Jim Mattison at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in Chicago.  
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