- This 1969 Ford Mustang GT sports several cool features... a rare Indian Fire Red color, a power convertible top, and a 428 Cobra Jet engine under the hood!    There weren't many like this one built, and it really stands out in the Brothers Collection!

We take a look at how Shelby put a spin on the redesigned 1967 Mustang.  The 1967 GT350 was more street friendly than the earlier versions, and still looks great today.   From the Brothers Collection.

Ford was "all-in" when it came to NASCAR in 1969, and this 1969 Ford Talladega is the street-going result of their racing and aerodynamics research. These cars featured special sheet metal to improve high-speed aerodynamics, and the results were worth the efforts. Its a 428 Cobra Jet powered ride with a bench seat and column shifter, and it's our Muscle Car Of The Week!

How cool would it be to buzz down to your local Hertz rental car facility and drive a Shelby GT350 H for just $17.00 each day and $.17 per mile? We take a look at a rare Candy Apple Red '66 GT350H on today's show.


Ford unleashed the BOSS 302 on the streets to make the Trans-Am version legal for racing, and today, the 1969 and 1970 BOSS 302s are favorites among Muscle Car fans as well as Mustang fans.    This one is finished in Grabber Green, and is fitted with all the BOSS goodies… the 290 HP 302, 4-speed, sway bars front and rear, disc brakes, and of course, the good looks of the stripes, spoilers, and window slats.   It's from The Brothers Collection, and is our Muscle Car Of The Week!

Some Ford Galaxies were meant to be family cars... you know, smooth riding, quiet, fairly efficient utility cars indented to get the family from "A" to "B" with minimal fuss and in comfort.   This one, however, is a little different.   It's still a pretty comfortable ride, but thanks to it's no-frills package and dual-quad 427 and 4-speed driveline, you get to "B" much faster!    From The Brothers Collection. 
1971 showed us and all new Mustang design, and this time, we featuring a full-tilt 429 Super Cobra Jet Mach 1!  What do you think of this generation of Mustang? From the Brothers collection.