This 1967 Shelby Cobra is an all-original car, but if it looks a little less aggressive than the side-piped, roll-barred, hood-scooped 427 Cobras you are used to seeing, it's because this is a Street Car version.    These were a little less racy than the 427 Competition or Semi Competition cars, but still a legendary performer on the street or track.    Sometimes called the "Gentleman's Cobra", the street cars often were powered by the Ford 428 big block V8 over the high-strung 427 side-oiler.   Watch the episode to learn the story on this highly-original Shelby!

Not all Muscle Cars were 2-door sedans, as evidenced by this week's offering, a 1969 Ford Ranchero GT with a 428 Cobra Jet Ram Air V8 under the hood!     This one is wearing a Brittany Blue exterior with a blue interior, white GT stripes, and chrome wheels.    But the most important part is the 335 HP 428 Cobra Jet engine, capable of 440 ft. lbs. of torque, which helped move this Muscle Car… and whatever it was hauling… with ease!    From the Brothers Collection.

The Ford Torino has always been an aggressively styled Muscle Car, but for 1970, it received a whole new look!   This 1970 Torino Cobra is powered by the 429 Super Cobra Jet V8 engine making 375 HP and enough torque to fry the tires at will.     It is finished in Vermillion, which provides a stark contrast against the satin black hood, shaker scoop, and tail panel accents to let everyone know this Cobra is not messing around.    From the Brothers Collection. 

There were many advances in Shelby performance cars for 1968, and this 1968 Shelby GT500KR convertible demonstrates them nicely!   The big news was the new for '68 428 Cobra Jet engine, which was rated at 335 HP and 440 foot pounds of torque in this car, but was arguably closer to the 400 range.    This car also boasts the rare 4-speed transmission and convertible top, and it is also wearing a Highland Green paint scheme with a Saddle interior.   The car is quite stretch from the stripped-down but racier GT350s from just a couple years earlier, but is still every bit as admired today!    From the Brothers Collection. 

Ford built muscular versions of nearly every car they made during the 1960s, and this 1964 Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe is a great example of how they turned a hum-drum family commuter into a stylish mini-muscle car that packed a serious punch.   This Sports Coupe escaped the fate of a straight 6 in favor of a Hi-Po 289 V8 screwed to a 4-speed manual box.  The K-Code version churned out 271 HP through increased compression, free-breathing intake and exhaust, a solid cam, and other hop-up goodies.   The added bonus is the good looks of the Sports Coupe, wearing a slick Raven Black suit with a bright red interior.   Extra-cool is the fact that it is all original and unrestored.    It's our Muscle Car Of The Week from the Brother's Collection.

This week's video features a car that looks sedate as can be but reveals a startlingly different personality once the key is turned.   The factory-built 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 Lightweight features an R-Code 427 for power, and nearly all the non-essential items have been deleted or lightened for better drag strip performance in the Super Stock NHRA class.   There were around 200 built, and this one is as true to form as they come.    One of the many factory lightweight Muscle Cars in the Brothers Collection.

This week, we're bringing you an often overlooked muscle car, the 1968 Mercury Cougar GT-E.     These were sporty but comfortable, and the GT-E bought you a 7-liter V8 to make things interesting.   Most were the smooth 428 V8, but some were ordered with the far less subtle 427 side oiler... like the one in this video.   The 427 was rated at 390 HP and has a great rumble, but the car is refined enough to drive and enjoy every day.   The Brothers Collection is home to several rare Mercury cats, this is one of the favorites!