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Muscle Car Of The Week on DRIVE SRT Site

We love the fact that our Muscle Car Of The Week videos are shared amongst Muscle Car enthusiasts worldwide, but we recently were completely stoked to learn that our friends at - you know, the official Chrysler and Dodge website where you build & buy such awesome cars as the Hellcat and Viper SRT - thought high enough of Muscle Car Of The Week cars and videos to share them on their HOME PAGE!    For car guys, there are few honors higher than being showcased on an auto manufacturer's website, especially one as cool as the SRT site!   We have to thank The Brothers Collection for letting us shoot videos of their awesome cars, and a special shout-out to the crew and families of the Muscle Car Of The Week team for putting up with our nonsense as we make this show!   

This week, we spend a few minutes answering some of the many email letters and comments we receive at Muscle Car Of The Week.      You can always leave a comment or contact us through our website at .


 This week, we're celebrating our 100th episode of Muscle Car Of The Week and awesome cars from the Brothers Collection!