It's no secret that the 426-powered 1970 'Cuda is a pinnacle Muscle Car, especially when we're talking about one of the 5 equipped with a 4-speed manual box.   This car features all that and a crazy color called Lemon Twist, one of the High Impact colors for 1970.   It's a shining star in the Brothers Collection, and it's our Muscle Car Of The Week!

This week, we're taking a spin in a very cool, and very original, 1964 Plymouth Fury featuring a Sandalwood (not Mauve) paint color and a hot 426 Wedge V8 under the hood! The Brothers Collection is home to many uncommon Muscle Cars, and this sedate droptop appears misnamed… until you awake the Fury of the 426!

On this episode, we're spending a few minutes with a very cool and unusual 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T. If the bright red color and 426 Hemi V8 weren't enough to make it stand out, the special fiberglass N94 hood should make Muscle Car fans take notice. Supposedly there were only 4 R/T cars built with the TA style hood, and this is the only known Hemi powered version left. From The Brothers Collection. 

NASCAR racing was insanely popular in 1969 and the cars were getting faster and faster. Dodge had an ace in the hole with the 426 Hemi V-8 and all the power they made. However, Dodge engineers were learning about the benefits of aerodynamics and how you could go faster with less power if your car knew how to cooperate with the wind. This 440 car is a great example of the rare street versions of the infamous Winged Warriors. 

From The Brothers Collection.

The new for '67 Dodge Coronet R/T was a stout machine, with bold styling and drag-strip ready goods where it counts.   This car, from the Brothers Collection, features the optional 426 Hemi V8 in place of the base 440, and is ready to rock.