Kevin Oeste and Hemi 'Cuda ConvertibleThe comments keep rolling in... thanks to all who take the time to share their thoughts with Muscle Car Of The Week!


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oneandonlySB 340 


You do a fantastic job. It's easy for some of us to sit back and watch and rewatch your episodes and see little pieces here and there or to just know the entire history of a certain car. It's also easy for us mopar guys or Chevy guys or Ford guys that know a particular brand or car very well and to comment about something that may have just been mentioned wrong or taken the wrong way.
 Your show is Fantastic and you are a big part of the reason why. The cars are wonderful and the stars but you put it all together in an entertaining and knowledge based show that makes it cool and fun for us. Whether your in your 50s like I am and love mopar or in your 30s and like  chevrolet, we all get Alot of enjoyment out of it 
Thank you so much.
Could not have picked a better host for this show.
I know I for one can't thank you enough.


You were one of the first channels I subbed to... and still watching and enjoying your informative videos.  Cheers.

Corey Glass

only muscle car show on YouTube worth watching. this show is great, funny, extremely informative.


Andre Chandler
Well Kevin.. I must say, you really have a way with words. I enjoy how you describe the details of these awesome machines. You really captivate and inform in a cool way. Cheers.
Basil Kehoe-Parsons
Love this show.
Brian Cabral
Kevin my friend, you are like fine wine, you get better with time.  You and your channel are the best thing that's happened to YouTube.  Keep it coming bro.
These videos are very well-presented.  well done!
each episode gets better and better!, keep up the great job!
Please excuse me as I regain composure after seeing my dream car in all its glory.
Don Mann
Great car, keep them coming . I grew up with these cars and still love them after 50 years. :-)
Steven Sigmon
Not your Grand Dad's Buick! Nice!!!!
The 1965 Galaxie/LTD series are among my favorite cars, such beautiful and classy lines!!!!.... Being an ''R'' code makes it one of my dream cars! Thanks!
That is the baddest mopar ever!
Irene Belasco
Now these are cars! I love muscle cars and would take this one for a spin in a heart beat.
My new favorite channel on YouTube. Can't get enough of these muscle cars! See you next week Kevin!
Frank S
Excellent episode, Kevin.. Love the color combo on that Boss. Thanks!!
Brian Cabral
As usual Excellent. !!!!!  You are the BOSS....and have the best channel about cars on Youtube
William Pereira
427 Corvette Convertible wow beautiful car, remember them when I was young, good old days. Thank you and keep bringing us muscle car of the week, love to see and hear all the info. The Brothers should be proud of their collection.
Greg Luft
Great episode and interview. I love the car. So glad they brought it back to it's former glory. thankyou for sharing!
This the Best Episode of "Muscle Car of The Week" I have  seen. The explanations about the specifications that Mr. Antlocer shared, are Second to None of all I have seen in the YouTube "MCW". There is nothing like "FIRST HAND STORIES"
JC Image Inc
Great episode guys! It's like a smorgasbord of cool information and classic horsepower!
I appreciate your show so much!!! I had basically given up on modern "classic car hobby TV shows", that basically destroy cars by modifying them, it's great to see a show that respect the cars for what they are, and what they achieved in automotive history! Keep up the great work!..
Hens Teeth
Love this channel so much…
Great Video, it brought back a lot of memories, thanks!
I subscribed to Muscle Car of the Week!
dream car!, thank you for making these videos !
Good to see some obscure muscle cars from a great video series.
Oscar Arellano (TheChallenger)
One of my favorites Shows!  Keep the amazing work!:)
Chris Torres 
A BIG thank you to the Brothers for sharing their beautiful cars with us,Kevin I always wait to see the newest Episode,I watch these shows with my 6yr old and he enjoys it too.. keep em coming guys!
You do the absolute finest muscle car videos...great work! I had a '63 Pontiac Strato-chief 2 door sedan with 327 and 4-speed factory equipped. Your videos are short enough to keep interest and long enough to get in the major details...and you sure do know your stuff. Thank you.